Mrs Z Hinchliffe

Mrs Hinchliffe has taught Science in cities in the UK and across the world.  Whilst in Bangkok, Mrs. Hinchliffe was a Head of House and ran the Key Stage 3 tutoring programme.  Upon returning to London, she led school-based educational initiatives for the Excellence in Cities programme then went on to coordinate Key Stage 3 Science. 

Mrs. Hinchliffe has worked at Abbey Grange, doing literacy intervention, since 2014. In that time she has developed an excellent understanding of special educational needs and provision, particularly for students with specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. She enjoys spending time with her two children and husband whether that is walking or travelling. She is actively involved in her community including with the church youth group, scouts and local charities.

Supporting year 7 to settle into life at Abbey Grange is an enjoyable new challenge for her.  She is very much looking forward to encouraging year 7 on their High School journey along with watching them flourish academically and becoming valuable members of the Leeds community.  Additionally, Mrs. Hinchliffe will strive to work in partnership with the families of all of year 7 during the coming year.