Key Stage 4 Options

Key Stage 4 Options

Abbey Grange curriculum for Key Stage 4 offers a huge range of subjects for students to achieve well in. It is ambitious, created to deliver breadth and balance, but also strives to ensure that students can thrive outside of the academy and outside of education.  

All students study a core curriculum of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Combined Science (which covers physics ,chemistry and biology – although around a quarter of our students take Separate Sciences).  This leads to 5 GCSEs.  Students must also continue to study PE, which helps promote an active, healthy lifestyle, Religious Studies, which helps develop spiritually and meets our obligations as a Church School) and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) which helps them to learn how to keep themselves and others safe – as well as understanding what it means to be a good citizen in modern Britain today.  

We believe in a strong academic basis to education so all our students study Geography or History and a significant majority study a Modern Foreign Language.  However, because we believe so strongly in a broad and balanced curriculum, we offer a huge suite of qualifications in more practical, technical and creative subjects.  All our students can choose 2or 3 of these (dependent on which pathway they are on) which means they study 9 GCSEs with some of our students (separate science, further mathematics) studying up to 11.  

None of these pathways is better than the rest. We want students to not be disadvantaged when competing with other cohorts for University places (especially at Russell Group level) which is why we recommend a strong academic core – but also so they get the opportunity to study other non-ebacc subjects such as drama, art, music, DT as well as Sociology, Business, Computer Science, Engineering and Health and Social Care.


The Key Stage 4 options process is an exciting time in your child’s education. There is a timeline of events across Y9 to help them make those choices and an options booklet that will be launched soon.  


Tuesday 23rd January:  Options Launch with a letter to parents and pupils and a link to our new online options booklet for 2024. (we will have paper copies available in reception if required) 
Wednesday 24th January:  PSHCE Options Session where students will be given further information, advice and guidance over the options process by KS3 and KS4 Achievement Directors. 
Thursday 25th January:  Y9 Parent’s Evening and receipt of Y9 Report so you know how you are doing in the subjects you are currently studying.
Tuesday 6th February:  Y9 Options Evening 6pm – 8pm.  An opportunity for students to come into school with their parent, hear from some leaders and meet the subject teachers for Y10. 
Friday 9th February:  Deadline for options choices made via a Microsoft Forms Link by the end of this day. 
Year 9 Options Booklet