At Abbey Grange C of E Academy, we recognise the important connection between a healthy diet and a student’s ability to learn effectively. To reflect this, we have the following aims –

  • To ensure nutrition and a healthy diet has a prominent place in school life
  • To offer healthy food and drink choices at all appropriate opportunities
  • To increase student knowledge of different food types in the context of a balanced diet
  • To ensure that food provision in the school reflects the ethical and medical requirements of staff and students (religious, ethical, vegetarian, medical and allergic needs)

Abbey Grange is a very busy school with very busy break times, and it can be quite daunting to students coming from smaller primary schools. The main difference is the range of choice available. This information will let students know what is available, when and where, so we can provide the best service possible. Most of this information will be given out to new students on transition day. Please be aware that the transition day menu will not be the same as our regular offers.

At Abbey Grange we have a breakfast club (7.50am to 8.25am) plus morning break and lunch breaks

  • Morning break from 10.50 am to 11.15 am
  • First lunch break from 12.15 pm to 1 pm.
  • Second lunch break from 1:15 pm to 2.00 pm.

We have a large selection of hot and cold food to choose from - We have a Main Meal counter, a Pasta Bar, a Jacket Potato Bar, a Chicken Bar and two Bars selling a variety of sandwiches and wraps. We also offer a Grab Bag service this includes a sandwich a home bake item (cookie, flapjack etc) and a carton of juice for the cost of £2.50 this can be pre-ordered online or first thing in the morning when the students arrive at school, it can be collected at morning break or lunch time from the dining hall.  We recommend students familiarise themselves with the different counters at break and lunch so they know what is available and where.

At Abbey Grange we operate a cashless system, students accounts must be topped up online (Parent Pay) or using Pay Point. Please ensure your child has enough credit on their card to purchase food each day.

Students are set with a daily spending limit on their card to prevent them spending all their money in one day. This limit is currently £6.00 per day however this can be changed at your request. Please contact the school office if you wish to change your limit. Parents/carers are requested to speak to their children to ensure they do not overspend on their card. We frequently have students spending too much at morning break, who then do not have enough money to buy a lunch.

School compliant drinks are available to buy, there is also a water cooler in the main hall; we recommend students have a water bottle in school at all times.

We want all students to enjoy their food and eat a healthy meal every day. We have a daily meal deal that allows students to purchase a main course plus dessert or a bottle of water or a juice carton for £2.50. This price corresponds to the daily free school meals allowance.

Mrs Heneghan and the catering team are proud of the quality and variety of food we produce and hope all students enjoy what is on offer.

All our food is produced using government guidelines in conjunction with the Children’s Food Trust. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school and ask for Mrs Heneghan - Catering Manager.

Our Food Provision

We operate a four weekly menu cycle. We work in conjunction with the School Foods Trust to ensure our menus are fully compliant with standardised nutritionally analysed recipes, plus we meet all government guidelines on food provision within schools.