All students in Year 7 to 11 are required to wear the approved Academy dress.  We expect high standards of work and behaviour from our students, and believe that these are helped by high standards of dress and appearance.  We expect all parents/carers to support our simple and practical requirements.


  • Abbey Grange blazer and tie.
  • Year group colour badge worn on the left blazer lapel.
  • White shirts must be long enough to be tucked in and stay tucked in (even when travelling to and from school).
  • Plain mask (and a spare) which covers mouth and nose.
  • Mid grey skirt must have the school logo (with the waist band not rolled up)
  • Mid grey loose fitting trousers (boys/girls), not black. No jegging style girls’ trousers.
  • Plain black shoes (no logos, trainer style shoes, canvas pumps or boots, even if sold as school shoes).
  • Plain grey or navy socks or plain tights (no white socks).

Hair, jewellery and make-up:

  • Hair should not have unnatural colour hair dye, be closely shaven (no shorter than a grade 2) or patterns/lines.
  • Hair items should be dark colour and plain (including bobbles and hair clips).
  • Discreet make-up can be worn in Year 10 and above only. This means discreet eyebrows. No use of contouring/shimmer blushers, eyeliner flicks or lipstick.
  • No earrings or other studs e.g. nose, lip, tongue, no bracelets, bangles rings or necklaces (other than a simple cross and chain).
  • Nail polish and false nails are not allowed for students in Years 7-11.
  • Simple professional watch may be worn (no smart watches).

PE Kit:

  • Falcon Polo Shirt in Navy girls fit/Falcon Polo Shirt in Navy.
  • Plain Navy shorts.
  • Plain Navy socks.
  • Falcon reversible navy multi sports top.
  • Plain navy leggings/tracksuit bottoms (no jogging bottoms).
  • Trainers (as well as a pair of studded football boots for Years 7, 8 and 9)

Please Note:

  • Students should be in correct kit at all times
  • If students are injured, they are still expected to be in full kit unless their injury prevents them from doing so e.g. a broken leg
  • Pumps are not appropriate footwear for PE lessons. Trainers must be worn

Outdoor Clothing:

Whilst we do not wish to be too prescriptive about outdoor clothing, we would request that students wear plain, practical coats which offer good protection in bad weather. The term ‘coat’ does not include sweatshirts, cardigan, hooded top etc. worn instead of outdoor coats. No hoodies are allowed to be worn in school.

  • Outdoor coats must not be worn in class and students should not walk around school with coats zipped up and hoods up on the corridors.
  • No fashion scarves (shawls) to be worn as single outdoor clothing items.
  • The wearing of any denim clothing item is not acceptable.
  • Caps or hoods must not be worn on the Academy site. Hats may be worn outside in inclement weather.

Post 16:

  • Lanyards MUST be visible at all times for safeguarding reasons.
  • Caps or hoods must not be worn on the Academy site. Hats may be worn outside in inclement weather.

We would be grateful if you could reinforce these expectations with your child so they can be as successful as possible in school, and please contact the Year Manager should you have any specific questions.