Admissions Consultation

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for Abbey Grange CE Academy for 2025-2026

Consultation Period: Monday 20th November2023 to Tuesday 9th January 2024

Our consultation invites you to give your views about the proposed admission arrangements for our academy for 2025-2026.

Consultation Summary

Admissions and oversubscription criteria

There is a proposed change to the oversubscription criteria used by Abbey Grange CE Academy from previous years. The admissions authority is proposing the following change:

Reducing the minimum period of attendance at a relevant place of worship from at least two years prior to the date of application for admission to at least one year prior to the date of admission.The proposed change affects eligibility in relation to the following oversubscription criteria (and their relevant sub-sections):

  • Oversubscription criteria 2: Those who worship within the Church of England
  • Oversubscription criteria 3: Those who worship within churches which are affiliated to Churches Together in England, or are in full sympathy with its Trinitarian stance
  • Oversubscription criteria 4: Those who worship within one of the following world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, or Sikhism

Other changes to our Admission Policy

For each of our academies, we have amended sections containing information about the admissions process to ensure that they are consistent across our academies and reflect current practices. In some cases, this includes removing some information which we are required to publish elsewhere, and providing information on how parents/carers can access the current information.

Full details of the consultation and a copy of the proposed admission arrangements for 2025-2026 are provided below.

Have your say

Anyone can comment on the arrangements. If you wish to respond, you can do this up to midnight on Tuesday 9th January 2024 by: