Mr M Dixon

As Assistant Principal for Safeguarding and Wellbeing, Mr Dixon is responsible the safety of students and development of their mental health during their time at Abbey Grange.  The priority for this role is to be at the forefront of all child protection matters, and to educate students on our Christian values so they become traits that they live by in and out of school, helping to ensure they can go on to be happy and healthy individuals as they grow.

Before starting at Abbey Grange in 2018, Mr Dixon had roles including Head of Religious Studies, Faculty Leader for Humanities and Head of Year.  He is immensely proud of his work at Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford before coming to Abbey Grange, where he learnt a great deal about the importance of good pastoral care and effective safeguarding alongside leading students to achieve the best possible academic results.

Mr Dixon is very proud to be part of a school that is aligned to his own values of nurture alongside education, making sure students are prepared to live a life they enjoy with the results they need to give them the freedom to choose the path that will make them happy when they leave school.