Key Stage 4

In Sociology, we aim to:

  • Share experiences and cultures from other countries and bring an international perspective, helping students to understand different cultures, people and points of view better.
  • Understand how social structures and systems explain social phenomena e.g., discrimination.
  • Create awareness of the inequality faced by some groups in society.
  • Develop tolerance, understanding and empathy.
  • Develop opinions and new ideas on social issues.
  • Explore and debate contemporary social issues in order to be able to challenge everyday understandings of social phenomena from a sociological perspective.
  • Have an understanding and appreciation of the range of different cultures in our society.
  • Understand the links between family, education, the criminal justice system, work and society as a whole.
  • Express opinions with consideration.
  • Investigate facts and make deductions
  • Analyse and better understand the social world.

Ultimately, we aim to develop global citizens through enjoyment from learning about ourselves and the world around us. This will allow our students to make a positive contribution to wider society and prepare them for life in a diverse community.

Useful resources:

  • Use (login with your school Username + Password) to access the Sociology digital resource library.
  • Quizlet
  • Seneca
  • GCSE Pod
  • Knowledge organisers provided by staff within lessons.
  • Revision guides can be purchased through school at a reduced price. See your teacher for details.
  • Register at for more advanced level blogs, resources and videos.