The Abbey System

You will become a Year 7 student at Abbey Grange Church of England Academy, and you will go to all your lessons with other Year 7 students. Some of them you will already know, but many of them will be from different schools.

You will also become a member of an Abbey, and the Abbeys are made up of students from every year group, so you will get to know students in other year groups very quickly. Some primary schools have a house system, and this is very similar to that.

You will be placed in a form group within this Abbey. The forms are organised vertically which means there will be students from each year group within each form. We believe this links well with our ethos and Christian values. Your form tutor will be the only teacher you will see every day and they are the first person you will go to if you want to find something out or are worried about anything. You will be in the same Abbey as any siblings but not in the same form.

We have 6 Abbeys and they are shown below:







Each Abbey also has an Abbey Manager and they are very important people and key members of our Pastoral team.

The Abbey Managers will be the first point of contact at the school for your parents and carers and during the school day they will always be available if you need to speak to them. They will help you with any questions or issues that you have.

Miss Hall
Bolton Abbey Manager
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Mrs Hirlam
Easby Abbey Manager
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Mr Curtis
Fountains Abbey Manager
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Mr Darlington
Rievaulx Abbey Manager
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