SEND Department

At Abbey Grange Church of England Academy the SEND Department is responsible for helping to make sure that everyone at school can make good progress. Our team of teaching assistants works both in and out of the classroom to support students. In lessons the teaching assistants work with the class teachers to help everyone to do their best. You might see teaching assistants working with a small group of students, or even checking on the whole class as the teacher works with a small group.

The Hub

Some students who need a bit more support with their learning or with the emotional and social sides of school may come out of the classroom to work with teaching assistants in The Hub. The Hub is a room that is set up to help support students; you can find it on the maps of the school, near The Galeena Room. In The Hub, small groups of students and individuals work with teaching assistants to improve their literacy, numeracy, language, memory or other parts of their school work. The Hub is always busy with students and teaching assistants working together. Some students come along to take part in our “Worth-It” scheme. Once a week these students will sit down to have a chat to a teaching assistant about how things are going and maybe to carry out a task together to help everyone to be as happy as possible at Abbey Grange. At lunchtimes, break times and before school, some students come to The Hub to have a quiet place to eat, play games or talk quietly to friends. If you think that you might like to use The Hub at these times, then you can talk to one of the teaching assistants about that.

Key Staff

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