The term refers to communication skills encompassing reading, writing and speaking and listening. Literate pupils communicate with a high level of fluency and sophistication, in both written and verbal forms. Their reading skills enable them to draw out multiple layers of meaning from texts. Literacy skills form a ‘toolkit’ which will enable them to experience a high degree of success across the curriculum and throughout their time at secondary school and beyond.

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The quality of student's written communication across all subjects has always been an important focus at Abbey Grange. In the New Year we'll be introducing WAC (Written Accuracy Campaign) to help students improve their written literacy skills. WAC is based on the top ten written inaccuracies teachers at Abbey Grange have identified through marking.

The aim is to raise awareness of importance of written accuracy and give students confidence in their writing in all subjects. Well done to Rachel and Florence who identified all the 'Undercover WAC Crusaders' in our poster campaign.


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