The International Middle Years Curriculum is followed in Key Stage three from September 2014. It is taught as an integral part of all year 7 & 8 lessons.
The IMYC helps students to understand their learning by linking all subject learning to a conceptual theme and runs throughout all subject areas.

It is designed to engage the specific developmental needs of 11 to 14 year old students who work towards developing their understanding through a personal and global perspective. Students make connections by linking all subjects together through a big idea word & statement.

IMYC Themes and Apps

Four themes are followed each year using a specific iPad app, which the students use to reflect on their learning.

The students are expected to keep a Reflective Journal using the identified app for that theme summarising their learning across all the subject areas.

Students will develop their independent note taking skills and reflect on their learning through this journal. Identifying what they learnt, challenges they faced and skills they developed.

We would encourage parents and carers to hold regular discussions at home to reinforce their child's learning.

IMYC Launch Events

Each theme is launched by a Big Idea Launch event.

The expectations of the theme are clearly identified to students during this event & subsequent emails.

The students are expected to reflect back on what they learn in this event in their reflective journal. This journal is submitted and marked by staff. Students are emailed regularly giving updates of the IMYC  and assemblies held to reinforce our expectations. Staff discuss the theme in all relevant lessons and use common icons and terms to help students link their learning and skills.

Where students can go for IMYC support:

Most importantly you can always ask classroom teachers and we encourage you to look in your child's exercise book and see what they are up to during lessons and how they are linking to the current theme.

Assessment Criteria

IMYC Assessment Criteria can now be found in the Digital Resourse Library in the IMYC section. Any concerns, see Mr. Henderson at break or lunch in room 49 or 52.


Year 7

Year 8

IMYC Information Booklet

Guidance and Criteria


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