Faith in School

The Christian foundation of the Academy is very important to us. Many of our students come from families who worship regularly,and we aim to provide an environment where we can work with parents to help our students grow spiritually. Collective worship includes regular assemblies and time in tutor groups to reflect on the theme of the week, services of Holy Communion attended by all students, which mark key festivals in the church calendar, and form assemblies to develop our worshipping life. At Christmas the whole school moves to Leeds Minster to share in a celebration of Christmas which involves and includes everyone in worship under one roof! Students are encouraged to be involved in lunchtime groups such as Rock Solid and Cell Groups as well as being offered additional opportunities to attend communion and prayer services. Each year in the Spring term there is the chance for students to spend a weekend away at Marrick Priory outdoor education and residential centre in North Yorkshire where worship and discussion goes hand in hand with climbing and archery. In the Summer term older students are offered the opportunity to attend the Yorkshire Schools Pilgrimage to Taize with the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, an amazing encounter with young people from many countries in the context of a worshipping community. We encourage our students to work out their faith through fundraising and campaigning on local, national and international issues.

The Chaplain is Kay Brown and is full-time in school with a small teaching commitment. The work of the chaplaincy is supported by Matt Lewis from Leeds Faith in Schools, Ben Jones from Missional Generation and by churches from across the city.


Abbey Grange Students' commitment to fundraising as an outward demonstration of their Christian values is key feature of our life in community. Students organised numerous bun sales, collections, sponsored events and raffles as well as school wide non-uniform days with a wide focus from local to international charities. Some fundraising has become part of the calendar, from MacMillan coffee morning to Children in Need, whilst others are more personal such as regular fundraising for Epilepsy Research UK in memory of a former student. There are many smaller fundraising efforts as students identify a charity close to their heart and organise an event to support it, as well as much fundraising organised by students as part of the Archbishop of York award and older students fundraising for the many overseas trips and mission activities they undertake. Through these activities we empower our students to look beyond themselves and give to those less fortunate-as well as have a lot of fun and gain a sense of achievement.

Global Justice

Global Justice is a group of students of all age who work on a wide range of issues in school, raising awareness as well as seeking to provide practical assistance. You may have seen us at the Winter Fair, bringing the message of Fairtrade to the wider school community, as well as events in school. We organise events around Fairtrade Fortnight, Christmas Amnesty Campaign, Christian Aid Week as well as picking up one off appeals responding to events on a Global perspective.