Article By: The Prince's Teaching Institute Published Date: 31/03/2017 Abbey Grange CE Academy and its Principal, Jon Norden, have been awarded The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) Schools Leadership Mark. The aim of the PTI Schools Leadership Programme is to encourage schools to consider whole-school approaches to leadership, staffing and the curriculum that help to develop the quality, rigour and challenge experienced by pupils of all abilities and backgrounds. Each school undertakes an action-based research project that will be of benefit to all participating schools. This programme has grown out of the PTI’s annual headteachers’ residential conferences, started in 2008, which offer participants the chance to reflect on the purposes of education and all aspects of school leadership. At the 2011 conference, the headteachers unanimously requested that the PTI create a forum to provide networks and inspiration to support whole-school subject-centred leadership. Chris Pope, Co-Director, PTI said: “The Leadership Programme’s aim is not just to encourage high-level discussion and debate about how success is achieved and maintained in schools but also to start accumulating a solid mass of research-based evidence which will help other schools to develop leadership strategies that promote effective teaching. We are delighted to be awarding the Marks to so many well-deserving schools and their heads.” In the fourth year of the programme, 56 schools have been awarded the PTI Schools Leadership Programme Mark. For the complete list of the schools, see The projects developed by the schools are wide-ranging, including establishing a model whereby subject leaders are given more responsibility for CPD and monitoring the quality of teaching and learning; introducing a method of lesson observation that will enthuse and empower teachers; and increasing the continuity of learning across the primary/secondary transition.
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