Reprographics & Print Budgets When possible please send your work using the electronic system which can be found on the Learning Platform. All other reprographic work should be submitted to the Reprographics Office with the appropriate instruction slip attached. You should allow at least 24 hours’ notice, not including weekends. All work is copied in black and white unless colour copy is requested. All work is collected from the Reprographics Office. Subject technicians should provide support with displays in the first instance, but the reprographics technician may also provide support to staff with displays in departments which do not have technician support. In the latter case, staff to provide clear instructions for display work, layout ideas and pictures/work to reprographics team – 7 working days’ notice (not including weekends), depending on accessibility. Notice boards are not included in this service. Please be aware that the start of the academic year is extremely busy, the technician may be out preparing displays for Open Evening so the office may be closed for short periods. Printing budgets are in place for departments. Each department has a budget which is agreed with the Subject Leader before the start of the year. Budgets are refreshed on the first of every month. If your department budget is used before the end of the month, your Subject Leader needs to request additional funds from SLT. Until additional funds are approved printing for the department will be unavailable. Any Jobs sent to Reprographics will have a 25% discount applied. A monthly report will be given to Subject leaders each month detailing spend by user. Display Boards All departments should use some display space to give information about how students can make progress in the subject. In addition to this, the pleasure and sense of approval students feel when their work is displayed should not be underestimated. Likewise the impression created in the eyes and minds of visitors, parents and especially new parents, should not be overlooked especially in terms of: Recognition and endorsements of students’ achievements Setting and maintaining standards Students’ work contributing to the visual attractiveness of the environment which encourages a sense of belonging in students’ minds As a summary/conclusion of a particular project Teaching and learning aid General interest Source of information Each department should set aside a part of its capitation for display materials. The appearance and presentation of such material is crucial. The management of classroom displays are the responsibility of the class teacher; support for the production of display is available from technicians in the first instance, or reprographic staff. Within each classroom a board/area must be available for Form Notices, Fire Notices etc. This is the responsibility of the Form Teacher. It is a key area for form and school communication and is to be presented to the same standard as any other display. Again support for this is available from technicians in 6 the first instance, or the reprographic staff. Please request support via the diary kept in the reprographics room. Please do NOT attach displays or notices to painted surfaces by any means – display boards only should be used.
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